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Personal and Professional Disclosure for Ken Winston Caine:

Wellness U, Inc. President, and Mind Body Spirit Journal Editor, Ken Winston Caine is a researcher, author/co-author (20-plus books, 1-million-plus copies sold), speaker, teacher, health-science writer, holistic marketer, and a multi-award-winning, long-time journalist who was project editor on a Pulitzer-cited investigation.

Not a medical doctor: Ken Winston Caine is not a medical doctor, does not represent himself as such, and does not engage in the practice of medicine. There is a licensed medical doctor in Chattanooga, Tennessee named Winston Caine who specializes in internal medicine. Winston Caine, the Tennessee internist, often uses his middle initial, "P.", in his name. Ken Winston Caine has, in the past, used "Winston Caine" "K. Winston Caine," "W. Caine," "ken winston caine," "kwc," "Kenneth Winston Caine," "Kenneth Wayne," and "Ken Holland" as bylines and nomes d' plume on articles and books. Ken Winston Caine of New Mexico and Winston P. Caine of Tennessee are not related and (as of May 2006) have not met. Maybe they will meet some day at a conference.

Ken Winston Caine holds doctorates in holistic counseling, with an emphasis in wellness, alternative systems of healing and personal holistic spiritual formation -- studies which when he initially entered into them in the '70s and '80s were considered non-traditional, but which have become substantially more mainstream in recent years as branches of science and health have declared them to be areas worthy of scientific inquiry. Example of that? He was invited to the Harvard Medical School Mind-Body Institute's "Spirituality and Health" course and symposium in 1997 to gather research for a book he conceived at Rodale called Prayer, Faith and Healing.

Ken Winston Caine has trained and is certified in a great number of integrative health and personal development modalities, has at times, to the extent allowed by law, practiced as a non-licensed counselor, herblist, holistic health advisor, naturopath, and during his years on the east coast while working as a writer and editor for Rodale, was registered to practice as a traditional naturopathic doctor by the District of Columbia, and was permitted to practice as such by the zoning and business licensing boards of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and under guidelines in a letter from the state attorney general's office. He did not then and does not now engage in the practice of medicine.

He has primarily earned his living working in media, marketing and news for 36 years, has won 20 journalism awards, authored/co-authored more than 20 books that have helped more than a million people. He studied under several copywriting masters in the '70s and has designed highly successful advertising and direct-mail campaigns for dozens of clients and prefers to work with artists, healers, ecologists and non-profits in developing value-laden "holistic marketing" approaches. He headed the writing and "news" departments for a large California advertising agency for a stint in his late 20s before returning to journalism for a decade where he worked frequently as an evironmental and health reporter.

Naturopathy: Ken Winston Caine has trained and practiced as a naturopathic doctor and presently is not licensed in any state that currently licenses naturopaths.

Ken Winston Caine holds degrees from two schools that qualify him to cite the title, "doctor of naturopathy": the Clayton School of Natural Healing in the United States, and the Open University in Calcutta, India. In addition, Caine has trained in naturopathy and alternative systems of healing through a number of other schools and organizations, beginning in the the mid-1970s.

His formal introduction to naturopathy and natural healing was through joining and studying the treatises of Edmond Bordeaux Szekely's International Biogenic Society in the mid-1970s. Szekely, with his wife, founded the first health resort in North American in 1940 at Rancho La Puerta near Tecate, Mexico. In the 1980s, Caine studied naturopathy, natural healing, natural hygeine and herbalism through the Robert Gray Institute's experiential course in California, and through Dr. John Christopher's School of Natural Healing of Utah.

He sees little need to cite his naturopathic title these days. since he works primarily as a holistic researcher and writer and since, as a life-long learner, he has earned multiple degrees and recognitions in a wider realm of holistic, non-traditional and integrative studies. However, he has proudly cited his naturopathic credentials in the past and some of those citations remain recorded in the internet search engines and on book jackets. In addition, he has used since 1996 and continues to use at least one email address, among many, that contains the term "naturedoc."

Mental health practice: Ken Winston Caine is not licensed as a mental health professional and does not represent himself as a licensed mental health professional.

Diagnosis and treatment: Ken Winston Caine does not diagnose or treat medical or mental health disorders. He does not prescribe any medical course of treatment, therapy or drugs for any medical disorders.

Integrative medicine: Ken Winston Caine is an advocate for (and philosophically and personally favors and seeks) an integrative medical approach. He encourages you to, as well. An integrative approach combines and balances both scientific and ecclectic modalities and seeks a holistic understanding.

Education His education, like his frequent off-the-grid lifestyle, has mostly been unconventional, often crafted through the "open university" and "University Without Walls" approaches, with guided independent study, documented experiential learning, and in-depth symposia and intensives. He is a life-long learner, and in 2006 as this is written is completing a research doctorate based upon his Spirit of Wellness and wellness coaching models that he has been developing and testing for a decade.

PHILOSOPHY AND APPROACH TO HEALING: Wellness is not about the absence of illness or malady.

Living WELL is not about diet, exercise, or using sunscreen. Paying attention to those things can be useful, but they don't create a vibrant state of wellness.

You evoke the Spirit of Wellness when you are engaged in finding, appreciating and/or sharing:

• Comfort
• Joy
• Beauty
• Meaning
• Humor
• Love
• Wonder, Respect and Awe for all that is greater than yourself, and for all the great things you, yourself have to offer and experience, and that you, yourself, have offered and experienced.

Underlying these seven core explorations is an eighth essential factor. When you are engaged in pursuing any of the above, you are also engaged in finding, appreciating and/or sharing:

Ways and means of pursuing and expressing your youniqueness and your:

• Constructive curiosities.
• Positive personal perspectives.
• Talents.
• Special skills.
• Personal strengths.
• Finer qualities.

And that's what you are put on this planet to do. And sometimes it takes obstacles to draw these things out of us in a truly significant way.

(This section reproduced, with permission, from his upcoming book, Seven Subtle Shifts That Evoke the SPIRIT OF WELLNESS: Stop Feeling Like Hell and START LIVING WELL! Now! Regardless of Challenges or Conditions © Ken Winston Caine)

Other: Ken Winston Caine is trained in and does research in and teaches about aspects of natural and holistic health, mind-body-spirit approaches, and self care. He has trained and certified in complementary medical hypnosis, NLP, homeopathy, Therapeutic Touch, EFT and some other forms of energy healing including Huna and Reiki and kinesiology and New Thought "Treatments", 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Silva Method, Sedona Method, a basic Ayurveda overview course, spiritual direction, nutritional consulting, herbalism, and life and success coaching, among numerous other trainings over several decades. He was a student and devotee of Dr. Maxwell Maltz's "Self-Image Psychology" and "Psycho Cybernetics" in the mid-1960s through the mid-1980s. Maltz's work is a rarely credited progenitor of NLP and life coaching and exerted uncredited influence on the Humanistic Psychology movement. Caine discovered and read the Barefoot Doctors Manual -- an official lay Chinese medicine text developed under Mao Tse Tung -- in 1978 and purchased a copy in 1982 and later took a couple formal courses in Chinese medicine and Chinese herbalism. He studied "A Course in Miracles" in Ojai, California in the early '80s after Reid Ercikson, who funded the first printing of the books, gave him copies. He's continued those studies at times since. He was exposed to a wide breadth of New Thought teachings and to the Kriya Yoga of Parmanhansa Yognanda as a child, has read most historic and modern New Thought "thoughtleaders" and holds a ph.d. from the oldest, continuously operating New Thought college in the United States, the Divine Science-denomination-oriented College of Divine Metaphysics in Glendora, California. He participated in most of the monthly Spirit at Work sessions/trainings offered by visiting researchers, doctors and professors on the Rodale campus in the mid through late 1990s. In addition, he was exposed to a breadth and variety of humanistic psychology theories and tales and anecdotes and ideas from the human potential movement and enjoyed them as a teen while his father was studying under Maslow in San Diego, but he didn't at all "get" at the time just how special that was. But he has never outgrown his curiosity about and enjoyment of such things. He also was exposed to and influenced by his dad's nutritional health studies and theories and experiments and amazing success with organic gardening (continuing to this day). His dad followed the writings and work of J.I. Rodale, Adelle Davis and others and was a subscriber to Let's Live! and a charter subscriber to Prevention magazine in 1950.

Ken Winston Caine regularly experiments with, studies, researches, reports, speculates, and educates about matters related to health science, healing, health, spirit, holistics, holistic living, wellness, personal-development, motivation and accomplishment, right livelihood, honest, effective marketing and communication, and personal and planetary well-being. And encourages you to do the same.

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