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Fuck It. The Ultimate Spiritual Way

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011
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(Thanks to Rob Brezsny for pointing me to this.)
— kwc

And… if you found that disturbing, here’s the same message delivered from another point of view. I find one part of it disturbing.*

You may, too.

A Matter of Balance

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*(The disturbing part? Where it says “sufficient too” when it means “sufficience to.”)

Pepperoni for peace, slice of life

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Trailrider Pizza sits on a curve alongside a dark night-time stretch of old Route 66 in the mountains on the outskirts of tiny Tijeras, N.M.

Lights were out, the business was closed for the night as I passed at about 2 Tuesday morning, heading home from one of my occasional marathon supply-run shopping trips to Albuquerque. Moon had not yet risen. As my headlights briefly cut through the trees and splashed across the dirt parking lot and illuminated for a second the unlit sign on the business, I recalled another night passing by. That was in early 2003, during the stupid, lying run-up to “W’s” Iraq war.

Then, Trailrider had a super-well-lit makeshift signboard sitting out by the highway. Wish I’d shot a photo.

It said:

“Give Pizza Chance.”

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