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Inexpensive, Proven, Reliable Web Hosting

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Do you have a website? Or are you wanting to put one up?

Sooner or later, you’re going to need a good web hosting service.

Problem is, they’re hard to find.

Avoid web hosting nightmares

I know about web hosting nightmares. I’ve been online since 1995 and have been through far too many web hosts — several of whom just shut down in the middle of the night without a word of warning.


Twice I found out that my hosts were no longer in business when I fired up my computer in the morning and discovered that I couldn’t receive email, couldn’t access my website, couldn’t access my website control panel, couldn’t reach my host by phone, couldn’t find my host on the web. They simply didn’t exist any more. All gone. Gone, gone, gone in the blink of an eye. Even though in once case, I had pre-paid my account for four years in advance.

(I don’t do that any more. Lesson learned. One year is plenty to pay in advance at a time.)

Quite a few things to look for in a web host — and I’ll mention some critical ones in a moment. But, first, let me cut to the chase. I’ve been with a great, affordable, web host named Hostgator for several years now.

My web host handles busy sites for millionaire marketers and provides the kind of top-notch, always-running service they expect!

And my web host does millionaire-quality web hosting at a bargain-host price — and has for nine years straight

My host — Hostgator — gives me the same polite, reliable VIP treatment that it gives those bigshot marketers and it does so for about $9 per month. I like that.

Hostgator serves several hundred thousand sites worldwide — and has the infrastructure and expertise to do so well. I’ve NEVER experienced any significant downtime on any of the many sites I host with them. That’s unusual. And good.

Here’s some of what I like about Hostgator:

  • Free, live tech support, via chat, 24 hours a day. I’ve never had to wait more than three minutes to reach tech support. And I’ve reached them at all hours, day and night. They’re there when you need them.
  • The tech support is patient and helpful — not at all condescending or snippy or fluent only in geekspeak — and they are willing to stay with you as long as you need to resolve your problem or challenge.
  • C-panel with Fantastico.If you don’t know what this means, I’ll explain both briefly in a moment. Just make sure that whatever host you decide to go with offers both. They make web-mastering life really easy and let you keep your site under your control.Fantastico means one-button installation of dozens of handy scripts and programs — like WordPress blogs and discussion forums and shopping carts and more.C-panel stands for “control panel” and is a particular, full-featured, open-source one that is the industry standard on many hosts. Hosts who don’t have it usually are limiting features pretty severely. (They, of course, don’t tell you that.) And they force you to learn their proprietary control panel. You’ll be sorry if you don’t grab a host with C-panel and Fantastico.
  • Easy (and low) monthly payments for my server space, or a discounted annual rate. Either can be paid via my Paypal account, and paid automatically if I want. Handy.
  • Ability to host an unlimited number of domains and subdomains on my one mid-level $8 per month hosting account.
  • Plenty of MySql databases allowed. You’ll want that if you’re building a business or multiple sites or highly interactive sites.


  • I can run my own cron jobs. You need this for many many scripts — like autoresponders. Surprisingly, lots of hosts won’t let you run your own cron jobs and bitch about running them for you, or they simply won’t run cron jobs at all. They don’t advertise this up front. They don’t say on their sales pages, “We won’t let you run cron jobs and we won’t run them for you.” But if you sign on with a host like that, you’re stuck with a bad host until you can make the time to pack up and move everything to another host.


You don’t want to have to pack up and move everything. It’s a big, messy, expensive, time-gobbling job.

That’s why choosing a good, reliable host up front is so important. This is one you want to get right, right off the bat.

I recommend Hostgator as a happy customer and affiliate because it’s good, reliable, inexpensive, polite, helpful and professional and full-featured.

There are many hosting companies that would pay me much much higher commissions for my referrals — like Dreamhost, for example, who will pay me $97 per sign-up if I recommend them. But I don’t recommend them.

I tried Dreamhost. They were totally crappy and were even snooty about their poor quality of service. They use a proprietary control panel that is super limited in functionality; their servers took forever to call up my WordPress blog pages; and in my first two weeks with them I had more downtime than I’d had in the previous several years with my former (admittedly more expensive) host.

Dreamhost reps insisted that this was a temporary issue with some outdated servers they were upgrading. But back when I tried Dreamhost, they still had a publicly accessible complaints and daily status message board and I could see that this temporary problem had been persisting at that point for years. They later took down that status and complaints board. Don’t know if they also bothered to fix any of the problems. I hope so.

No matter what they pay me, I simply won’t intentionally steer you to a bad hosting service. (But there are lots of people knowingly doing that! Beware.)

I’m not here to badmouth Dreamhost. And you certainly can check them out for yourself. For all I know, they COULD be dreamy now.

I mention them just because I want you to understand that I’m recommending Hostgator even though they DON’T pay a lot for my referrals. They don’t. And Dreamhost would pay me a whole lot more.

I’m recommending Hostgator because they are reasonable, helpful, reliable, and full-featured. Probably the best host I’ve had since 1995.

Hostgator is not the cheapest web host, but they’re NOT expensive and you do want to beware of cheap hosts

The cost of hosting is not really measured in what you pay monthly, but in the time you spend:

  • Building a site.
  • Uploading and tweaking and testing scripts.
  • Building your online traffic and
  • Building your online reputation.

And the cost of hosting requires other calculations, too.

  • How reliable is your host?
  • Is your site up and running nearly all of the time, serving pages quickly?
  • And when your site does go down — and it will occasionally — can you get lightning fast help from your host’s tech support to get it back up and functioning properly?

That’s what you want.

That’s what you get with Hostgator.

What You Don’t Want from a Web Host

You DON’T want to have to pick up the pieces and move and reinstall scripts and re-upload your website to a new host suddenly because yours has gone black in the middle of the night — or no longer serves pages quickly, or your host has changed terms of service and now wants to charge you extra for the “unlimited bandwidth” or storage space you originally were promised as part of your package — or is implementing some sneaky way of calculating it, such as you are allowed only so much per day, or only so many “minutes of server time” per day.

You don’t want “24-hour tech support” that operates on a ticket system and promises a response to your ticket within 24 hours on business days.

Honest to goodness, many of the cheap hosts offer exactly that.

So you have a problem. Your site is not working right. You file a ticket. They get back to you in a few hours if you’re really lucky. Or they get back to you the next day. And maybe all they offer is a suggestion that you reboot your computer and see if the site will show up then.

So you reboot your computer and the site is still down and you file a second ticket to tell them that and ask them to PLEASE check what’s wrong on THEIR END…. And you wait for a response. And wait. And so it goes….

You don’t want that.

You want immediate help when your site is not functioning properly.

You get that with Hostgator. And you get it at no extra cost. Check out their great prices and programs. I use the “Baby Plan.” It comes with

  • “UNLIMITED Domains
  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate.”

AND…. a 45-day money-back guarantee. Either you like what you get with Hostgator or you get your money back. Doesn’t that seem fair? Forty-five days is enough time to really give them a real serious test drive.

Check ’em out. Tell ’em a happy customer sent you. I’d appreciate that.

— ken winston caine

You’re all celebrities now. Or not…

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

As you'll read here, 92% of all U.S. kids have a web presence by the time they are age 2. And 82% of all kids world-wide do.

That's if the survey is scientifically valid. Let's pretend that it is.

Watch it. All those kids are going to be writing eBooks soon and posting boring webcam tutorials. And … some fascinating videos, too.

This is the New Reality.

We're all publishers and pundits and public personalities now.

Consider newspapers — those that still exist. Consider the (once) Big 3 TV networks. Consider traditional publishing and all the other long-revered information-dissemination institutions. All are desperate ghosts of their glorious selves of just 25 years ago. And they don't have a ghost of a chance of surviving the next 25.

At least not as meaningful, impactful players. Not as the bestowers of significance and celebrity. Not as the controllers and gatekeepers of the public psyche. Not as the Definers of the Dialog.

We are rapidly evolving a New Reality and a bare-butt ragged, rugged New Economy.

One where everyone knows they have a message. And everyone is equally empowered to express it. Of course, not all are equally qualified to do so. But that ain't stopping nobody. And that makes it all even more chaotic and interesting.

The quick shift from institutional power to a free-for-all of individual power couples with increasing globalization. And the combination is fearsome and wonderful.

It is certain to give rise to interesting, diverse and beneficial socio-spiritual movements and innovations. And, of course, we are witnessing and experiencing lots of handwringing as we grope and leap and tumble our way forward. Or as we are pushed and pulled into the future, against our will, struggling and resisting. As we are forced to acknowledge that the Old Order truly is crumbling. And, for the most part, is not salvageable.

Not just media and publishing are in total upheaval and transition.

Nearly all the powerful, institutional culture that provided at least an illusion of stability and security is failing. We can't count on GM and IBM and Bank of America to be there for us. Or for a benevolent Uncle Sam to hold open a safety net.

No more careers-for-life with programmed raises and promotions, and gold watches and pensions bestowed at the end.

In the New Reality, we're all learning that it is up to us to create our own jobs. Find our own place. Set our own pace. Gather our tribes. Create simple, practical solutions. Serve each other and the planet as ingeniously and meaningfully as we can.

This does present tremendous opportunity. Even as we lament the loss of the limiting but comforting institutions. The ones that told us in the last century how good and smart and safe and secure we were. The ones that ruled the Industrial- and Space- and Information- Age economies that we took for granted.

The playing fields are increasingly crowded and increasingly level. And we're left to fend for ourselves.

The fend-for-yourself, make-your-own-way ethic and principle was always in operation. But now, all of us have the technology and the means to do so in massive and potentially effective ways. And that is a game-changer.

For example, I heard a publishing industry executive state two weeks ago that last year as many books were self-published as were published by mainstream traditional publishers. And most of the self-published books were produced via inexpensive, highly efficient Print on Demand ("P.O.D".) technology.

A lot of them were crap. A lot were not. And that is the new reality.

Smart, accomplished editors sitting in a dozen buildings in Manhattan no longer get to choose what authors and which books will be foisted into the public consciousness and nudged toward the New York Times Bestseller lists.

They can't. Not when absolutely anyone with $40 to spare can publish and market a book that will be available on and through major bookstores nationwide. Three weeks from today.

iUniverse — the first major  P.O.D. player — was founded in 1999. That's just 11 years ago. Now in numbers of books published each year, P.O.D. publishing rivals Avon and Harper Collins and all the rest of the big-name publishers combined. That is one rapid shift in paradigm. No wonder traditional publishing executives are wandering around wide-eyed and dazed, exclaiming to one another, "Omigod, Omigod, Omigod, what should we do?"

The best strategy to cope with this monstrous cross-institutional shift, loss of influence and transfer of power, I think, is to:

  •  Reach deep inside yourself.
  •  Draw out who it truly is you are really here to be. What it is you are really meant to express and offer. And,
  •  Begin designing and piecing into place the joyful infrastructure — platform, business, life — that lets you express that, live that, share that, and grow that… profitably. That lets you serve that, effectively. And lets you refine and develop and expand and interact in and around that in ways that will thrill you. And others.

Design a life that you'll love to live inside for years to come.

Because it's up to you. And because, when we're all celebrities, we really aren't celebrities at all, you know. We're just a crowd of individuals. Serving individuals in the crowd. In an increasingly open, public way. So design for yourself the framework to do it YOUR way. Well. To be the most effective, and fulfilled and fulfilling you that you can be.

And make it come true. Bit by bit. Leap by leap. Adjusting, constructively, with the advances and learnings and changes you encounter along the way.

I'm rolling out a new coaching program to help you do just that. Because it's time.

Because, when you open your eyes and heart to the true opportunities presented by the New Economy, by the New Information Reality, you recognize that you are welcome to play in very nice ponds of your own choosing. You can even leap from pond to pond and back. You can be YOU.

You can be PAID to be you.

You can be a highly welcomed Big Fish if you get this right.

So recognize that you have this choice. You have this opportunity. Even as it becomes a necessity.

And choose your ponds well.

Choose ponds that are sustainable and have qualities that appeal to your higher nature. Where you are appreciated for who you innately are and what you really have to offer. And plot out how you can make — and continue to make — big, welcome splashes there for years and years to come.

You'll be glad you did.

I'll share at least one promising way to do that, soon.

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